Toby Salkin

Toby considers herself an artist of the San Fernando Valley.  Although you can see many different locals in her work – some of them imaginary, some abstract – there is a sense of the Valley in all of them.  It’s there in the intensity of light and the thrilling collisions of cultural influences from Asia, Europe, the Americas and the indigenous people who once roamed these lands.

When Toby moved to Los Angeles she left behind the Cubist earth tones of her East Coast Painting years and embraced the sense of color and line that her new West coast paintings and collages unlocked.

Toby’s colorful canvases usually start with gold, silver and copper leaf. Her palette of oil paints consists of the following colors: Red, Turquoise, Ultramarine Blue, Orange, Cad. Yellow Deep, White, Black and Windsor Emerald, which she calls “Van Gogh Green.”

Her collages are an imaginative combination of fancy and fact. She channels a strong message and adds a wink to make it an interesting journey.