2019 Show Schedule


Smoke & Mirrors

July 5 - July 28

Reception: July 13, 4-7pm

Come one come all to see “Smoke & Mirrors.” You will be mystified by the bewitching encaustics of Robin Tripaldi, the magical beauty of raku created through raw use of materials and the imagination of Christopher Phillips, the intoxicating illusions of water media created by Rea Nagel, and seduced by the conjured mixed media works of Donna Geist Buch, and more!

Which Came First?

July 31 - August 25

Reception: August 3, 5-7pm

This exhibition asks the question – Are we inspired by what we see and hear, or do we see it and then give it language?  Each art piece in this show will be accompanied by a poem, or other verse. 

Explore the painting, photographs and sculptures with their accompanying verse. Some artists created both the visual piece and the language; others borrowed the words as inspiration, or explanation.  Where does the creative process start?



August 28 - September 25

Reception: September 7, 4-7pm

Russell Hunziker, Don Holtz & Moises Mendoza. Three artists, seven locations, three mediums. Unique perspectives of the same location.