Patrick Ramsey

My work centers on catching people being who they are, doing what they are doing, and of connections with people sharing something of themselves. My other area of exploration seeks to suggest the possibilities of a place, and also to work with intersection of light, colors, and shapes. While the beauty may attract me, it’s the feeling of it which asks me to capture it.

In image capture I am choosing the subject, light, and composition based on my vision of what the finished piece will convey. The work after capture enables me create that vision. This includes deciding if the interpretation is best represented in color or black and white, work on the overall balance of the image, color balance, tonal qualities, and contrast. 

I do not combine images to create something entirely different. I do adjust elements that are distracting or not aesthetic and work on the image to insure it includes all and only the components that tell the story. 

It is important to me that every component of the work enhances the message.  I therefore print every image myself, using one of a selection of papers. Each image dictates the choice of paper based on the tonal, dimensional, and reflective qualities of the paper. 

When the entire process works I have created an image which captures unique, emotional moments in time.

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