2019 Show Schedule


For this fun and eclectic show each artist has created a piece of work without adding a title.  Bring your creativity and vision, and name the work.  You may be selected as a winner. 

Judging will take place on June 30 by Allen Salkin, co- author of The Method to the Madness: Donald Trump’s ascent as told by Those Who Were Hired, Fired, Inspired – and Inaugurated (St. Martin’s Press 2009). The always interesting Allen Salkin has also authored From Scratch, The uncensored History of the Food Network, and Festivus: the holiday for the Rest of Us. 

What is in a name? How do the artists title their work? What is it that requires the piece to have something beyond what it is? Will you be influenced by your perception of what the artwork is about? Perhaps how it makes you feel? Or maybe you want to play with words and create synonyms, be original, or stamp it with the obvious. Three winning participants will each receive one limited edition print from one of the participating artists.

Join the artists at the reception June 15th.  They are looking forward to hearing what you see in their work, and it’s a great time add your name ideas see what other viewers have come up with for the work.

All work in the gallery is for sale, and you can call it whatever name strikes you, when you get it home.

Smoke & Mirrors

July 5 - July 28

Reception: July 13, 4-7pm

Come one come all to see “Smoke & Mirrors.” You will be mystified by the bewitching encaustics of Robin Tripaldi, the magical beauty of raku created through raw use of materials and the imagination of Christopher Phillips, the intoxicating illusions of water media created by Rea Nagel, and seduced by the conjured mixed media works of Donna Geist Buch, and more!