Donna Geist Buch

As a mixed media artist, I am always fueled by a drive for more self-expression and meaning in my artwork.  I utilize shapes, forms, color and lines to create a composition, depicting the imagery and the illusion of visible reality. I am inspired by the cubism of George Braque, the abstract expressionism of Hans Hofman, and the abstract modernist paintings of Wassily Kandinsky.

The collection of my work is an expression of inner emotions and a view of the ever-changing world around us through light and color. When I explore a subject that intrigues me, I think through it and feel it emotionally, adding layers as if I were an architect building my drawn up plans. I often use elements of nature, exploring the co-existing tension between nature, chaos, and man. I use strong colors to show intense emotions, combined with texture, creating a visual and tactile experience.

Instagram: @donnabuch Facebook: donna.buch.3