Susan Nissman

I love working with clay, and have been hand-building ceramics for over 35 years.  Building, pounding, folding, and shaping a slab of clay, along with marking the “canvas” it provides with myriad impressions and texture, deeply enthralls me. 

Nature and her many mysterious layers gives me my inspiration; living here in the wildlands of the Santa Monica Mountains these past 40 years, I’ve often experienced how surprising nature can be: But, like the clay that comes from its very ground, there’s always the possibility of an “ah-ha”, maybe even something sublime, unconsciously captured from that same unpredictability.

I hope to construct pieces people enjoy looking at, get a bit lost in,  because they may evoke a sense of ancient, or perhaps archetypal “place” that lives deep within us all. I also like to have fun and am forever experimenting with different techniques and ideas, so my personal vision is always evolving.