Sari Scheer

 Growing up in a home where wine was always on the dinner table, I found myself drawn more to the bottles than the spirits. The uniqueness of each bottle, the vagaries in density of the bottle walls, and the shades of color and intriguing transparencies were, and still are, fascinating to me.

After amassing a significant number of wine bottles, and abandoning my goal of building a seventy foot long bottle fence, I decided to create and experiment with the bottles as a basis for functional art. Years later with much practice and many failures, continuous study and abundant curiosity, I have developed my own processes and works.

Glass bottles have been used decoratively almost from the instant someone figured out how to control the heating of sand to form vessels (around 3500 B.C.). I study the glass arts, use the skills developed by many artisans, and draw on those methods and forms to spawn new processes for my work. By using wine bottle glass as my medium, I am making something - from another thing that has fulfilled its purpose. Because each wine bottle has traveled on its own unique journey from a bottle maker to a bottler, to a seller and to a table, each piece of my work is informed by the singleness of each bottle.