Robin Tripaldi

Los Angeles native, Robin Tripaldi, works in encaustic, acrylic, mixed-media, and assemblage. Her experimentation started with abstract expressionism and evolved through mixed-media then encaustic which incorporated both painting and mixed-media. Robin’s art, always compelling, whether minimal or complex, retains a consistent emotional narrative that is unique, sophisticated and often surreal and mysterious.Her work is impacted by her love of nature, current social environments, exploration of the spiritual world and symbolism.

Robin’s work has been exhibited in the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, Chaffey Community Museum of Art and has been selected for solo shows and numerous juried exhibits. Robin’s work is in private collections nationwide and has appeared in print publications.

“Creating art is at once elevating and therapeutic. I choose to work in abstract expressionism because, for me, it’s an instinctive, primal, releasing process based in expressionism but not illustration. I enjoy letting go of a precise, preconceived plan and allowing a spontaneous emergence of form. As I evolve in the experiences each day brings, so does my art. For me, each color and brush stroke is a vibration of the soul, an individual response during that moment. While my paintings are an expression of my own personal journey, I believe art forges an emotional connection. I invite the viewer to experience their own personal journey and discovery through my art.”