Eugenia Shapiro

I discovered my interest in art at a young age, while visiting art museums in Russia. In my childhood I occasionally entertained myself by drawing caricatures and small sketches. They became popular and were collected by friends and family. 

I gravitated to portraiture and figurative art. What intrigues me most is uniqueness, emotions, and harmony I see in the faces of people around me. I want to share and expose this beauty. As I struggled to find my own path, the works of Sergei Bongart, Nicolai Fechin, Robert Henri and Joaquin Sorolla guided me. 

Learning to paint is a never-ending and exciting journey. I have spent much time studying the figure at life drawing classes and painting workshops at LAAFA- Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, California Art Institute and Scottsdale Artist School. I feel lucky and privileged to study with wonderful artist Ignat Ignatov, Millie Green, Christina Cooper.

Instagram: @eugeniashapiro