Caroline PM Jones

A self taught artist Caroline has painted for thirty years starting on the streets of Gibraltar and Southern Spain. She has painted portraits of people and their cultural identities, of Allegorical Tales and of journeys and Landscapes from far flung lands. She has lived and worked in Europe, and South East Asia with studios in Spain, Hong Kong, Nepal and London, She now lives and has her studio in Topanga. Her work evokes the mood of its subjects with colour and hue and an attention to detail that’s captured with expressive brushstrokes. They are classically rendered with drawings and sketches as the starting point, plein air paintings and studio oils on linen and cloth.

When she became pregnant she turned to sculpture with what she calls “a completely organic, intuitive and grounding experience. Inspiration came from within the stone and from within the body, and the journeys became ones that crossed surfaces.” Her subjects have morphed from the stylized power of the archetypal male, female and child to the apparent disintegration of form as it moves through water, from desert landscapes to landscapes of the mind. “My sculptural work often takes on references that I’m exploring in my painting series, like the large scale monumental formations from the Joshua tree rock series – giant portraits of rock families broken and cracked and unified standing together against the desert sky”

“Stones and their presence have been a preoccupation of mine since I was a small child. Forever I’ve been fascinated with what is held within the stone, what stories or spirit or captured time is represented. Throughout history man has related to stones – for tools, for art, for monuments for ancestor worship and celestial notations.”

Now she spends a lot of time connecting the souls with her work in memorials and monuments for those that have passed. “Personal remembrances for those we love”

Instagram: @carolinepmjones Facebook: carolinepmjonesstudio